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Breaking The Cycle of Depression

Reduce the risk of depression’s return throught this Mindfulness based cognitive therapy group.
Six Thursday evenings June 21st- August 2, 2018.  Each group meets from 6:30pm-8:30pm there is no meeting on July 5th.

If you have struggled with depression and are currently in therapy for depression, this group can provide valuable skills to learn how to meditate and reduce the likelihood of depressive relapse. Mindfulness practices are incorporated into each week’s group so members can find new ways to relate to negative thoughts, moods, and feelings. There is time each week to hear about how the meditative awareness that grows throughout the 6 week process can be brought into daily life.

For more info call Anne Diedrich, MFT 415-673-7597 or click below.

Register before June 5th for an Early Bird Special