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About Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

What is MBCT?

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a program that was developed specifically to help people that have suffered from multiple relapses of depression. It is generally offered in a group format of six to eight people. Each session lasts two hours sessions, and combines training in mindfulness meditation and practical skills to deal with negative thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations.

What are the benefits of MBCT?

If you have been depressed in the past, this class offers a helpful lens to view moods, emotions, feelings states and how to work with negative automatic thoughts. Whatever has caused your depression, the experience of depression has many after-effects. One lingering effect is the likelihood that depression will recur. The purpose of the program is to learn how to notice thoughts and feeling that if left unnoticed can lead to negative automatic thinking and depression’s return.  Mindfulness brings an increased awareness that can meet negative thoughts or feelings with an openness that transforms these phenomena and create new ways of caring for oneself.

How are the sessions structured?

MBCT group sessions teach mindfulness meditation skills to help train one’s attention to what is happening in moment to moment experience.  Sessions are two hours in length. The first hour is spent in a combination of guided meditation and discussion about the experience of meditation and the week’s home-practice. The second hour combines reflective CBT exercises, and continued discussion about how mindfulness can be brought to daily life. Overall, participants learn to make radical shifts in their relationship to the thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that contribute to depressive relapse.

What is the online-live program ?

MBCT online, live uses group therapy model that enables people who would not be able to attend a group in person to learn the skills and participate in a group through a live class hosted on zoom online. Due to the COVID crisis, all in-office appointments are offered to patients through video. This MBCT group expands the frame through video. It is facilitated and taught by Anne Diedrich, MFT a licensed mental health professional.