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Reflections Newsletter: Summer 2014

I encourage families with teens to find people they can talk to and feel safe relating some of their innermost fears about their emotional ups and down.

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Mindfulness in Therapy

We are all living in more hectic times. When we tell ourselves be mindful, we are calling on some innate capacity to be present. It may even work sometimes. Awareness of each unfolding moment brings a greater ease and appreciation for things as they are.

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Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Finding a way to prioritize taking care of ourselves can help minimize the impact of stress in our lives. People who take time to relax and unwind fare better physically and emotionally

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Empathy can be defined loosely as the ability to identify the feelings of another and use that information to guide a response. Sometimes I associate it to hearing the music not just the words someone is saying. Psychologists believe empathy is an essential skill that helps direct one’s thinking and action.

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