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Reflections Newsletter: Summer 2014

With the summer almost upon us, I am happy to be writing with some upcoming events and new directions for staying in touch.

I am updating my website to allow easier access to calendars and updated information about groups, workshops, and articles. If you are interested in any of the groups scheduled this summer, you may find more information in my e-newsletters while the website is under construction.  I am always available by phone to answer any questions or fill in the details.

Thank you to the many people that read and provide feedback about my newsletters. Please enjoy the attached articles. I have mixed the light-hearted with the serious in this newsletter. I hope they lift your spirits and activate some thoughts on preventing stress and reducing stigma. I am always grateful to the scientists that ask the questions that may increase understanding and empathy for families experiencing mental illness.  While the circumstances of many teens may vary, the article on finding the elixir to open teens minds supports my approach in family therapy with teens:  I encourage families with teens to find people they can talk to and feel safe relating some of their innermost fears about their emotional ups and down. Parents often implore their teens to talk to them and receive little information but lots of push back. Hearing stories of other’s recovery and help with serious mental issues may provide the permission teens need to seek help and feel less isolated.

I am very happy to say that  I am in the same office in Lower Pacific Heights and my private psychotherapy practice continues to grow and change.  I do have space available for new clients this summer!

Thanks for your continued support and please contact me if you have been out of touch for a while. It’s always good to take time for yourself and gain perspective on all your changes .


Links to research

Ways to help teens overcome the stigma of mental illness