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Reflections Newsletter

San Francisco’s Summer fog makes life a little more interesting. It can deepen our connection to this unique place or dampen our spirits. In this town where every other word is “disrupt this” or “re-engineer that”, our weather gives us ample opportunity to see what that patterns are in our mind that we want to escape.
Another year, may be the refrain. When time is only seen from the horizontal perspective–of what we have to do to become {fill in the blank}, we miss the perspective of simple, deep time. This is where summer attitude, and the fog disruption comes in handy.  In order to tune into deeper experience we need to know how to relax.  The shift of doing mode to being mode is often described as ordinary mind.  You don’t have to manage anything, you just let experience unfold around you.

Time and it’s passage has been a focus of my thoughts lately, and I have included an article of the stress of time and productivity.  I am also offering a summer MBCT–Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy– course in my San Francisco office. Please click here for information or to register.

I hope you find your summer refresher whether it is time with friends and family, time in our out of fog. Taking space to pause and reflect is the best refresher of all.


Anne Diedrich, MFT  provides psychotherapy, with a mindfulness based focus at her office San Francisco, CA

Many of my clients and families come through word of mouth. Please let your colleagues and friends know about these upcoming mindfulness groups.  Thank you for your support!