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Couples Therapy

How is it with this love, I see your world and not you?—– Rumi

Problems may have begun a while ago in your relationship.
Issues of insecurity and failures to connect with your partner often lead to feelings of loss, emptiness and disconnection. In couples therapy, I look to immediately address the problem areas in your marriage or commitment. The initial session may consist of some history-taking, but for most couples, we will directly approach the problem to look at how communication can be improved. Throughout the first sessions, you may be given some simple steps to try with your partner. These include: structuring time together, not talking about the problem, making a date, and listening without interrupting. The goal of the initial phase of therapy may differ for couples, but generally couples feel some relief within the first two sessions. In therapy, we can also look at past, important relationships that may have established positive and negative patterns in your relationship. We all have models of happy or unhappy marriages that we refer to. A new bond with your partner can be established through an exploration of deeply held beliefs. As a result you may learn to see your partner with renewed respect, insight and wisdom.